What is Kodi and XBMC?

What is Kodi? Well it’s only the greatest media centre players in the world ever man!!… Sorry I got a little carried away for a moment, but before we begin, imagine a screen in front of you that lets you see images, descriptions, cast, reviews, and plotlines from every TV show and movie, oh.. and music ever made. Now imagine you can browse them all and choose one, or several to watch or listen to. You press a button and they are streaming in front of you in super HD quality images and high quality music. Now that’s all very exciting, but it is surely the stuff of dreams…Isn’t it?

what is kodi xbmc and help guides

Kodi Media Centre is awesome

Well no it’s not, it is a very real product, and very free. The XBMC media player which then became Kodi is the answer to all your entertainment desires.

The Kodi Media Centre is not just a media player, but it’s so much more. Think of it as an entertainment hub that runs on many devices from computers to phones, to tablets, and media streaming boxes like Android, Apple (jailbroken), and Raspberry PI. The Kodi UI (user interface) has been designed to be used with a Home Theatre setup on a large-screen TV – but you can watch it on a smaller monitor or mobile screen. Kodi can be operated by using the mouse, buttons or touchscreen. But it is designed to be best used with a remote control unit.

Below is a list of popular connected devices that Kodi runs on, and some that it doesn’t. Heres the list:-

Kodi Compatible
Android TV Boxes and sticks (Yah)
Android phone and tablets (4.0 and above)
iPad (needs to be jailbroken)
iPhone (needs to be jailbroken)
iPod Touch (needs to be jailbroken)
Apple TV 1 (needs to be jailbroken)
Apple TV 2 (needs to be jailbroken)
Windows PC (XP and above)
Rapsberry Pi

Doesn’t Run
Boxee Box
WD Live

Kodi presents a new way to organize your media collection, both what you own physically such as DVD’s, hard drive movies as well as streaming content that you dont actually own. Imagine being able to have all your DVD discs and media files on your pc, laptop, phone and tablet accessible from one place.

Kodi is open source (that means free) and has a massive and thriving community of developers and users that help grow the product all the time, so it is constantly evolving and has many great guides and helpful articles online.

The software also has a number of front end Skins that change the look of the program. After installing and running Kodi, you can point it to your video folder and it will read all the files, and then the magic begins. The software will grab information from the internet, so your movie file now has plotline and cast details. Artwork and DVD covers are displayed as well as user reviews etc. You can personalize everything and how the information is shown to create a beautiful looking media center, as well as add-ons which make downloading of movies/shows and using streaming services a breeze.

Networking – Kodi can run on most of your connected devices (see list below) and let you stream movies from the network. So for instance, you can watch a movie from your library of thousands on a little tablet or phone anywhere around the house, making TV on the go a reality.

How to connect Kodi to TV
You will need to install Kodi on one of the above devices as it cannot run on any smart TV as of yet. So the popular options are a PC hooked up to the television or HTPC, an android tv box or stick, a raspberry Pi or an Apple TV (ATV) that has been jaibroken.Add-ons and Repositories – XBMC not only provides an interface for all your media but it also lets you find music, video, movies and shows from around the web, and around the world. You can pretty much set-up the program to do anything you want and to supply any content you desire.

You can watch content from websites such as Hulu and Netflix, to YouTube. Find sources to watch the latest movies, TV seasons, sporting events and even adult content. We cover all the best add-ons to get your media center purring like a kitten.

Another good idea is to install Kodi and Openelec (a linux os) onto a usb stick and have a quick and easy media centre you can carry from one PC to another. We will add guides for this and installing Kodi, configuring, and the best add-ons available. If you buy the right media streamer, you can access all those great movies on your big screen TV without having to connect your PC and wait for boot-up. And for a fraction of the price of a computer.

As great as Kodi is, like other open source projects which can be modified by the community, it can confuse and frustrate, so we have provided a number of ‘IDIOT GUIDES’. Pretty soon you will have all your media added, soon you will wonder how you lived without Kodi.

Put simply, this software rocks and is the BEST way to organise your media files, DVD rips and any other kind of video, TV show or music files you have lying around. Once installed you will be presented with the best interface that drags in meta data from the web for your files, showing fanart, movie posters, plots, reviews and much, much more.

But thats not all… You can also install a number of add-ons (a bit like apps on your phone/tablet) that will give you access to free TV channels, movies and TV shows that update daily. You can also customize the look of the software by adding a number of skins to get the look you want.

Sounds good? Then check out this great Kodi installation guide, and start enjoying your media much more. Just use the links on the left to install, configure and customise Kodi.

Kodi is the number one media centre and player that can be installed on most operating systems and devices such as PC, Mac, Linux OS, tablets and iOS, giving you the ability to watch all your networked media files including movies, music, pictures and tv shows. The software will automatically drag in metadata for your media content including pictures, cast details, reviews etc. You can also watch internet TV services from around the world and watch TV shows and movies by tapping into a massive range of add-ons and repositories.

Because the software is open source and constantly being improved and added to by the community, some people can get a little confused with the myriad of options, features and add-ons. But this software is so good that you need to install it onto your system. We cut through the confusion and are here to make installing this gem of a program plain sailing. First thing, read our Kodi startup guide to find out why Kodi is so great and why you need to install it today. Then if you’re ready to get up and running with a shiny new media center in minutes – read on.

First thing you need to do is make use the links on the left under the Installing Kodi option, just choose the operating system you would like to install the software onto and our guide will help you load and configure it.

Each operating system installs XBMC in a different way, but the end result is the same front end. When you have finished installing XBMC the look & feel is the same for all the operating systems so if you move from one type to another type of operating system to another, such as use on your phone, mobile or computer then the XBMC interface and controls will all be the same.

Once you have installed the software we need to get hooked up to your media files. So the next part is configuring XBMC and setting it up so you can play your Movies & TV Shows from your home network. XBMC categorizes your files into TV shows, movies, music etc

Once this is done, you can start exploring the add-ons and repositories that are available. We have guides showing how to install the best ones available. Just select from the menu on the left or check out our xbmc add-ons page.

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