2000+ TV Channels for Free on your PC + free Lifetime updates

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Your chance to sell the hugely popular Gogglebox TV on PC software package. Sell your own software product. Complete with order pulling sales page all set up for you Today!..
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An alternative to just a simple 'money making' website, ebooks, manuals or reselling someone elses software. This is not just reselling software. This is selling your software.

Your very own highly lucrative, TV on PC Webpage Business set up TODAY.

Your chance to sell the hugely popular Gogglebox TV. Over 2000+ TV Channels on your PC + free Lifetime updates. Get full resell rights TODAY!
Now!.. Including your very own website page. You set the price, we will add your paypal button and set up your webpage for you. 100% of all profits go to you. A Simply UNBEATABLE Deal!

TV on PC is Big business and making a lot of money $$, get a piece of this streaming TV pie Today! You will not find a better deal anywhere on earth guaranteed..

So what do you get ?
We are offering you the Resell rights to this fab software and bonus items plus your own fully featured sales webpage to promote. This is completely legal. So sit back, smile and enjoy making money

    a The specially written Gogglebox TV on PC award winning software.
    a your very own order pulling Web sales page, you choose the selling price and currency
    a Bonus downloads page and extra streams links, plus more for your customers.
    a The Live sports button goes to our daily updated sports listings page (soccer streams updated daily by us)
    a Freebies page. Giving more free streams and downloads for your customers.
    a A guaranteed income.
    a No Experience needed. No PC knowledge required. We do all the work for you.
    a Free Lifetime Updates!
    a Nothing more to pay.No Hosting or Domain Fees ever

    Unique rebranded Logo with your product name

    a Enormous earning potential in a multi million dollar industry

Gogglebox TV is a specially written TV streaming software package, its a great product, even if i do say so myself. Showing hundreds of Internet TV stations. It auto updates so it never goes out of date.It has consistantly sold hundreds of copies per week and i am now offering you the chance to own your very own version of the software and website business.

You will receive a version of the award winning professionally written TV on PC software package ( only 600k ) to supply to all your customers. The software is a custom written package programmed in Visual studio and able to run on any windows based PC. It updates frequently so the software and TV streams never go out of date!

The software contains TV streams from around the world covering all subject matter. This Software package is not available anywhere else.

Updates Button Your software 'never goes out of date'. Free lifetime updates. Every time your customers click the update button, the tv streams will auto update.

You choose the selling price, If you wish you can offer full resell rights to your version of our software for your customers. Your sales choices are not restricted in any way, and we do not collect royalties, which means you can set your own price for the software and keep all the profits. You can offer it as a bonus item for another of your products, or even give it away. . It is your product after all...

I will be turning you into a software author and publisher, so sit back, and look at some of the benefits and amazing possibilities of this deal and think how much you will enjoy making money...

Once you have received your software and website, you can be up and running and earning money within minutes. You can literally sit back, and check how much money you are earning. That is the beauty of this deal.

You will have your own unique Webpage. The Paypal button will be changed to your Paypal email address. You will receive a copy of the award winning software package Gogglebox TV™ ( only 600k ) to email to all your customers. I will give you plenty of free software and advice to promote your new business. You can then just sit back and watch the money roll in.

Sales Page.

You will have your own unique Website sales page promoting your software. The Paypal button will be changed to your Paypal email address. Take a look at an example of the sales website you will receive here
(NOTE: The paypal button has been disabled on this example)

Rebranded packages compared

Rebranded packages compared Rebranded
Gogglebox TV software Rebranded with your unique logo ready to sell a a    
Your own webpage hosted on our server   a    
Your own website with unique domain name & free hosting*     a a
      a a
Editable Website sales page with your Adsense & Clickbank links     a a
Editable extras, sports, freebies website pages with your Adsense & Clickbank links       a
Your Banners & Clickbank Editable by you in your rebranded software       a
Price $19.99 $37.00 $57.00 $97.00
  Get Software   Get Silver Get Gold

YES PLEASE I want my own software package and website business selling the superb'Gogglebox TV on PC software'
Set up my TV on PC software for me . Plus i understand you will set up my website page payment button, I understand this is a limited offer and wont be around for long so send it quick.
I want to start earning cash now!!

Buy It Now Only £18.50 GBP ($37 USD)
(This price cannot last long so grab it while you can! )



Remember after successful payment has been made you will be directed back to our download page, this usually happens within a minuite of successful payment.


How much can i sell my Gogglebox TV software for?
You can choose your own price.Others sell similar (inferior) packages for between $5 - $49. You can set your own price and we will set the site up for you.
Is it hard to set up / use? HTML is a foreign language to me
No we do all the work, once set up you just need to promote your website using many different methods.
Do I Have to pay ever again?
No, its a one off payment, you will get your initial payment back after a couple of orders.
Do you guarantee i'll make loadsa cash?
No, If no one sees your site, no ones gonna buy your product. I can guarantee if people are viewing your site a percentage WILL buy. And yes you can earn very good money.
Can I see this great package of yours ?
Yes, you can buy the fantastic Goggleboxtv here . And i will deduct the purchase price when you order your home business set up.
How do i promote my webpage?
You can use one of he many pay per click search engines, online directories, forums and auction sites to name but a few.

Im convinced, what do i do next?
Order the package, send me your paypal email address and we will send you the URL of your unique website within hours, maybe minutes .

If this product is so great, why share it?
I have many irons in the fire, projects and new ideas. I still make good cash with this product and i know theres room for more, its a MASSIVE market out there
Is it illegal?
No it is totally legal and programmed by my company.

Can i point the links in the software to my own software sites and pages?
Yes but to get that option you will need to order our full Gold Version Rebranded software package here.


Can i earn money from the Clickbank and other affiliate banners on the software?
Yes but to get that option you will need to order our full Gold Version Rebranded software package here.

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