A Guide to Choosing the Best Android Streaming Media TV Box

If you are looking for the Best Android TV Box review for 2015 then you’re in the right place.  We will review the best android powered devices that give best-android-box-reviews-2015you access to the most movies, shows, games and apps. To play seamless and smooth HD streaming requires a set-top box that is well designed, has the latest operating system and can handle the latest streaming apps and access media from your home network, PC  other hard drives to act as a complete media center too.

We will tell you which android TV boxes are the best to buy, and which ones need to be avoided at all costs. Android boxes need to have certain features such as HDMI, a good WiFi signal, an ethernet port, multiple USB sockets, and bluetooth or the correct apps available to enable control via your smartphone or tablet. Using a seperate controller or remote is also a required feature for the best boxes.

Then you can just plug in our reccomended small Android set-top boxes using the included HDMI lead and transform any TV into a a funky top-of-the-range smart TV that lets you watch movies, live and catch-up TV from 1000’s of free online worldwide streaming channels on your TV. Our smart boxes come complete with built-in Wi-Fi, Ethernet, USB and plug and play HDMI connections. Just connect the cable, fire it up, join the home network and you’re ready to rock & roll. Here is just a small selection of what our boxes can do…

Create a Smart TV Set – Watch Catch-Up TV – Home Theatre – Media Centre – Surf the Web – Send Emails – Social Networking –  Live TV – Stream Movies – MP3 Player – Games Centre – Photo Viewer – Radio Player…

Ready set up and fully loaded with apps already installed. Just plug-in and go.

We have already reviewed the best android tv box for xbmc from 2012, 2013, and 2014. Now we look for the best android streaming box 2015, which all come with the AMAZING Kodi media player (previously xbmc) software pre-installed, which makes watching movies and other files a dream. Follow our reviews and advice to find the best android tv box for xbmc.

Just hook it up to your home network and stream movies and shows (including 1080p HD) from your hard drive or computer straight to your big screen TV instantly. Plus you can play your music collection, run thousands of the best apps and games, and easily find movies and shows to stream from the web, and even use your android tv box for football, usually all for free. You can stream your content onto smartphones and tablets as well.

This product consists of the latest android based hardware and your pre-installed XBMC home theatre plus all the best Add-ons ready to stream an unlimited number of movies and shows, this device will also add plot information, cast lists, pictures and much much more to your collection.

How We Determine the Best Android TV box to buy

Here is how we make it simple for you to find the best android tv box review 2015:-

1) First, we have looked across the web to find the best smart TV boxes for sale from independent suppliers, Chinese makers, on Amazon and Ebay that have consistently received the best and highest ratings. We take an in-depth look at what they offer and read all the customer reviews to get an overview of the product.

2) We then manually look at a selection of the boxes ourselves and give them a thorough review, looking into every last detail and specification of all the best-selling boxes and accessories we have found, then we write our own reviews based on all of the information we have just ploughed through.

3) We then put it all together in a simple and easy to read Comparison Chart which lets you easily compare all the best android tv boxes we have reviewed.

Android TV operating system or straight Android OS?

To confuse everyone ther are two different types of Android TV devices in the market, the official Google Android TV OS which is specifically made to be watched on TV. The other type which we look at is the third-party devices that you see for sale everywhere. Whats the difference? The price, official Android TV devices cost much more than those boxes powered by the android you have on your phone. You always get a much, much better deal from third-party providers who will almost always offer a better specification as well.

What Does a Good Streaming TV box Have to Offer?

A great Android TV Box will provide you with access to thousands of shows and movies to watch straight from the box with Kodi and all neccesary add-ons pre-installed, it will have the latest android operating system suitable for buffer free streaming, and all the latest and greatest apps ready for you to download and install.

With the right hardware and software set-up you can enjoy an amazing HD quality streaming set-up without a hint of juddering or loss of quality. The sound will be rich and vibrant so you dont realise you are watching streaming from the web or your hard drive. You really believe you are in a cinema.

Do you need a jailbroken Android TV streamer?

The term jailbroken really only applies to closed off devices such as the Apple TV. These devices can only download apps approved by Apple so users miss out on lots of good stuff. As an example the apple tv box needs jailbreaking to install xbmc/kodi. The android boxes do not need to be jailbroken as most come with kodi installed anyway or you can do it yourself. So there is no need for any jailbroken android tv box reviews.

What We Look for In Your New Machine

When analyzing the best products available, we looked for the following:

  • Latest operating system – The latest os will usually mean that it’s running on the latest hardware and can run every app you throw at it.
  • Quality build and the best components – Many cheap Chinese made boxes have components that fail easy, so it works from the box OK, but a few days or weeks later and poof. We only reccomend boxes with quality components that last.
  • Software & Apps Pre-Installed – The best media players , apps and software installed. That means Kodi, the add-ons that allow easy viewing of movies, shows and sports.
  • Connectivity & number of ports – You will want to connect and hook-up your box to your TV, PC, router. And you will need multiple USB ports so you can connect a keyboard, mouse etc.
  • Future Proof – When you invest good money in the latest hardware, you do not want to receive a product that will be out of date in a few months. Most boxes come with an easy way to update the software to the latest version by pressing a single button.
  • Warranty & Support – All of the TV boxes we suggest come with a 1 or 2 year warranty as well as full email and phones support.

Let Us Help You Do Your Research

Before pressing the buy button on any other website, please look at our recommendations for the best streaming TV boxes on the market today. By looking at our reccomendations you will save both time and money. Whatever your budget, read our reviews of the best products around and look at our comparison charts that make it easy to see what each product offers.

Once you are ready to purchase your media player hardware we can help you find the lowest prices, as well as fast delivery to have you watching great content in just a matter of hours happy that you carried out your research before making your purchase.

See Our Best Android TV box Comparison Chart